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JMP Genomics 6 released

JMP Genomics 6 is availableWe’re pleased to announce that JMP Genomics 6 is now available! Work on this update has been in progress since JMP Genomics 5.1 came out late last year, and this is our first JMP Genomics version built on the JMP 10 platform released this spring. During this release cycle, as always, the JMP Genomics team focused on responding to user requests. Since the first launch of the product in mid-2006, user requests have been our most important source of enhancement and new feature ideas.

Our development team is highly creative and always seems to find a way to accomplish highly requested items while providing other useful tools. For this release, we have focused on features in two main areas of functionality: analysis of summarized data from next-gen studies, and linkage mapping and QTL analysis.

We’ve made a lot of other enhancements along the way, which you can read more about on the JMP Genomics Web page, which features an updated product brief and feature list, and in the JMP Genomics 6 technical release notes. I’ll hit some of the general highlights in this and future blog posts, but the release notes really drill down into the details!

For JMP Genomics users looking to install the new version, check with your site’s license administrator. The new release was shipped to eligible US customers during the week of June 11. If your license admin did not receive the new software, please have him or her contact me via email at Shannon dot Conners at jmp dot com -- I will be happy to assist in obtaining it.

I would like to take this opportunity to make both license administrators and users aware that our step-by-step guides have been updated for the new release and are available at the JMP Life Sciences Resource Center. These guides step you through case studies using the software with sample data, and they are an invaluable training resource for users who are new to the software or who are branching out into new analysis areas.

Keep your eyes open for future blog posts about JMP Genomics 6 functionality!

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