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May 21, 2014

JMP 8 and PowerPoint 2007

Lots of folks are interested in the new functionality in JMP 8, which enables users to embed JMP Bubble Plots and JMP Profilers in other applications. Here's a quick lesson in getting these JMP visualizations into PowerPoint 2007 in a few easy steps:

1. Create your Bubble Plot or Profiler.

2. Click on the "red triangle"/"hot spot" and select "Save as flash (SWF)......."

3. Save and note the path (that is, C:/My Documents/.........)

4. In PowerPoint, go to the slide where you'd like to place your JMP visualization.

5. Select the tab for Developer.

6. Select the hammer and wrench icon for “More Controls.”

7. Select Shockwave Flash.

8. On your slide, fix the box to the right size.

9. Right-click inside the box and select "Properties."

10. Beside "Movie" put the path of your .swf file. Change the “embedmovie” property to “true” (default is false).

11. View your PowerPoint as a presentation, and watch the magic unfold!

Note: These instructions apply only to PowerPoint 2007. When forwarding your presentation, you must also forward the .swf and have users save the file to the location identified by the path you indicated.

Community Member

John Schroedl wrote:

Another tip: If you don't want to have to mail the swf along with the pptx file you can set the Embed property on the shockwave object to True and the SWF file will be embedded within the pptx file.


Community Member

John Schroedl wrote:

A tip for step 3: The full file path where JMP created the SWF file will be written in the JMP log for easy cut-n-paste.


Community Member

Rosemary Gerald wrote:

How can I perform step 2 with a scripting command (Click on the "red triangle"/"hot spot" and select "Save as flash (SWF).......")? The 1st line below creates the plot and I can manually save and load the file into ppt. The 2nd line does create a file but the ppt slide says "movie not loaded".

myPlt = Bubble Plot( X( :Mon ), Y( :NB ), Sizes( :NB ),Time( :Mon ) ... );

myPlt << Save html (myPath || "test2.swf", swf);

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