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May 27, 2014

JMP 7.0 enters the production pipeline

JMP 7.0 is only a few weeks away now that it has entered the production system. The first release out the door will be for 32-bit Windows on annual license, and the others will follow over the next few months.

I am very pleased with the super effort from all the developers, testers, technical writers, and release and localization engineers to put this major release together. It is a major new release that took only about a year and a half to put together. I am proud that it will be on 3 operating systems, in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and in six languages.

I also want to thank all the users that contributed to our beta testing program.

Community Member

Alex Thomas wrote:

I am looking forward to the 64-bit version and seeing whether it can successfully load millions of rows from a SQL Server 2005 database via ODBC. Are there any plans for native OLE-DB connectivity in JMP?

Community Member

David Airey wrote:

I appreciate very much continued development of JMP for Apple OS X.

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