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JMP 13 Treemaps

The JMP 13 Treemap element contains several cosmetic enhancements that make the display more effective. Here’s the new Treemap options panel:


The main ideas are to be able to clearly see the things that matter (bigger and more detailed labels for big factors) and allow the other items to show their sizes without drawing attention (truncated or skipped labels for small factors).

Here are a couple of examples.

This failure cause analysis result shows the causes separated into Process A and Process B. The rarer causes are present but not labeled (unless you hover over them). The sliders in the options panel let interactive control the cut-off for hiding labels.


Comparing failure causes from two processesComparing failure causes from two processes

This Treemap about the European Space Agency is colored by a continuous variable, the change in each component’s year-to-year spending, with the labels wrapping and showing the size values.

 Treemap of European Space Agency budget colored by year-to-year changeTreemap of European Space Agency budget colored by year-to-year change

Also new in JMP 13 Treemaps is the ability to nest to any number of levels. Here are five nesting levels representing the five factors of a designed experiment with the color representing the response variable.


Nested treemap showing results of a full-factorial designed experimentNested treemap showing results of a full-factorial designed experiment

It's nice to have a single view where you see that the highest results (red) occur at the combination of Ct = 1, T = 1, and Cn = -1.

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