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JMP 13 Preview: New Parallel Plot option in Graph Builder for visualizing any number of variables

Do you ever need to visualize more than three dimensions in your graphs? If so, you likely know about parallel plots, or parallel coordinate plots. They’ve been available in JMP for a long time.

Parallel Plot in Graph Builder

Parallel plot is new in Graph Builder for JMP 13 and better than ever.


In the new version of JMP, parallel plots are even easier and more fun to use because you can create parallel plots with Graph Builder, the drag-and-drop graph creation tool.


“Parallel plots are not for everybody. But for some people, parallel plots are one of only a few graphing options available,” says Xan Gregg, JMP developer and creator of Graph Builder.


“Traditional graphs can handle only three dimensions. But because there’s no limit to the number of axes in a parallel plot, it’s scalable to any number of variables. If you want to show 10 variables in a graph, for example, a parallel plot is a good option,” Xan explains.


A parallel plot is very useful for seeing which of the many variables move together, he adds.


How does working with parallel plots in Graph Builder compare to the older Parallel Plot platform? There are more options for labeling. The Graph Builder version handles categorical variables better. And there are options for controlling the amount of “curviness” between connecting lines.


“And of course, you can directly interact with it, like you can with all graphs in Graph Builder,” Xan points out.


Look for posts by Xan about Graph Builder in JMP 13 in the months ahead. And if you’re planning on attending Discovery Summit in September, come early and attend his tutorial, “Creating Effective Visualizations Using Graph Builder.”


And for more information on what's coming in JMP 13 and JMP Pro 13, visit the  preview site.

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