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JMP 13 Preview: Interactive HTML comes to Graph Builder

With interactive HTML reports, you can easily share the results of your analysis with a broader community while retaining the ability to interact with graphs and data. All you need is a web browser.

Interactive HTML dashboard with Graph Builder elements

Have you been asking for interactive HTML for Graph Builder? Your wait is almost over. And guess what? You can also make interactive HTML dashboards that look like this one!

Soon after interactive HTML became available for many JMP reports in JMP 11, customers began asking for interactive HTML Bubble Plots and Profilers. Once those two were added in the previous version of JMP, the development team started hearing one request repeatedly: “When are you going to do Graph Builder?”

And now they have!

“Graph Builder is the easiest way to create a graph, and it’s the front door to JMP for many customers. That’s why it was important to bring interactive HTML to Graph Builder,” says JMP developer Heman Robinson, who leads the team who work on interactive HTML in JMP.

It was the top voted feature request in the JMP User Community, and it’s here in JMP 13.

Let’s say you make a geographic map in Graph Builder and hit the “Done” button. When you save that map as interactive HTML, most of the Graph Builder features remain interactive in the report.

“We made the most of the work on Graph Builder and concentrated on the features that would benefit the most customers,” Heman says.

Interactive HTML is available in JMP 13 for the most popular features of these Graph Builder elements:


  • Points 
  • Smoothers
  • Ellipses
  • Lines
  • Bar charts
  • Area charts
  • Box plots
  • Histograms
  • Heatmaps
  • Mosaic plots
  • Caption Boxes
  • Maps

You’ll hear about how to use these new capabilities from Heman and fellow developers John Powell and Josh Markwordt here at the JMP Blog.

You’ll also hear about interactive HTML for dashboards, another popular customer request. In JMP 13, you can create custom layouts for dashboards with many more kinds of graphs, as in the image at the top of this post.

It’s fun and collaborative

Customers have been excited about interactive HTML output since it became available in JMP, and the development team is equally enthusiastic about working on it. “It’s cutting-edge technology and lets us make things interactive and accessible everywhere,” says Heman.

Josh enjoys “the unique challenge of taking a desktop application like JMP and adapting it to the web.”

And John likes that they get to work with other developers, helping them and learning from them. “We get to be involved in the whole product and pick up knowledge along the way,” he says.

All three developers will be at Discovery Summit US next month and invite customers to come talk to them about interactive HTML in JMP. And everyone can explore their interactive HTML examples at our website right now.

For more information on what's coming in JMP 13 and JMP Pro 13, stop by our preview site.

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Tarek Najdi wrote:

Does this work for local data filter and column switcher? It'll be great if we can share an "excel-like" pivot table/chart report with others.


Arati Mejdal wrote:

Hi, Tarek! Great idea! The developers tell me they have had many requests for data filters and are investigating this feature for future releases.


Tan Le wrote:

The request to include local data filter into interactive HTML has been out there for a long time since JMP11, but that has not been the priority in subsequent releases of JMP12 and JMP13. I am not sure why it's taking them so long to put it in.


Arati Mejdal wrote:

Hi! I asked folks in R&D, and this is what I learned. The priorities for interactive HTML have been, in this order: the most commonly used JMP features, such as tables, scatterplots, histograms and fitted curves (which arrived in JMP 11); then Bubble Plot, Profilers and tablets (which became available in JMP 12); and then Graph Builder (which is in JMP 13). I also learned that Data Filters are being actively researched.

Level III

would love to see the data filter in interactive HTML too. Is there already an ETA?