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JMP 13 Preview: Dashboard Builder for creating interactive dashboards quickly

Dashboard Builder is a drag-and-drop tool in JMP 13 for creating dashboards that can display JMP data tables and reports.

Dashboards are such a popular way to keep an eye on important metrics and share the findings of analysis, and for years JMP users have been creating dashboards using JMP Scripting Language and tools such as Application Builder. But now in JMP 13, there’s an even easier way to make dashboards, and it requires no scripting!

Dashboard Builder is a flexible way to arrange multiple JMP reports and data tables in a single window. You can select from a variety of templates to make a dashboard quickly. But you can also simply drag and drop to create custom dashboards without using the templates. You can also save a dashboard as interactive HTML so others can view it using a web browser.

“With just a few clicks, you can create an interactive dashboard that you can use as part of your process or for communicating results,” says developer Dan Schikore, who worked on Dashboard Builder.

This dashboard combines a data table, a Graph Builder visualization and a Distribution report:

A sample dashboard created with Dashboard Builder in JMP 13.

While the ease of use is very important, Dan says that the most exciting part of this new feature is its potential impact on the day-to-day work of scientists, engineers and analysts. “You might not build dashboards every day, but you and your colleagues may very well interact with them every day,” Dan says.

Templates in Dashboard Builder in JMP 13

Choose from among a variety of dashboard templates in Dashboard Builder in JMP 13 -- or make a custom dashboard.


The response from early adopters of JMP 13 has been overwhelmingly positive because so many users want to make dashboards and were looking for a quick way to create them. “People have a lot of suggestions for this feature, so it will be something we continue to build on,” Dan says.

Dan says it was fun to work on the modern drag-and-drop interface of Dashboard Builder, noting that he’s heard some people calling it “Graph Builder for reports.”

You can hear directly from Dan at Discovery Summit 2016 in a few weeks. He’ll be presenting a poster session on “Building Dashboards in JMP 13” and a tutorial titled “Building Dashboards and Applications.”

To learn more about what’s coming in JMP 13, stop by the preview page on our website. There, you can sign up to watch a live stream of JMP chief architect John Sall’s tour of JMP 13 on Sept. 21, as well as watch short videos about JMP 13 and JMP Pro 13.

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