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JMP 13 Preview: Customer-driven Graph Builder improvements

Treemap in Graph Builder

Treemap in Graph Builder is more flexible in JMP 13. That's one of many improvements to Graph Builder that were driven by customer requests.


Graph Builder is one of the most-used parts of JMP. As a result, the drag-and-drop graph creation platform receives a large number of customer requests for features and changes. The next version of JMP includes many Graph Builder improvements that directly resulted from these requests.


One big example are the changes to Treemap in Graph Builder. Treemaps are a way of visualizing multi-level categorical data in a rectangular layout. They’re useful for seeing patterns among groups that have many levels.


Treemap in Graph Builder now has better labeling and font options so that complex treemaps are much easier to read. For the smallest boxes in treemap, you can now skip labels altogether when it’s important to just see the boxes themselves.


“This means that when you want to communicate results with Treemap, it’s easy to make it look great for a presentation,” says JMP R&D Director Xan Gregg, data visualization expert and the creator of Graph Builder.


Treemap nesting, or the ability to put boxes within boxes, also has changed.


“While two nesting levels are enough for most purposes, sometimes you need more. Now, there’s no longer a limit to the number of levels you can use,” Xan explains.


Apart from Treemap, Xan highlighted a handful of other Graph Builder improvements that users will notice in JMP 13:


  • You can create a parallel plot within Graph Builder. 
  • You can specify alpha level for confidence intervals.
  • You can put a legend inside a graph. (“This makes looking at a graph more direct,” Xan says.)
  • You can use a custom number format, like degrees or multipliers.
  • You can use new transform functions, including moving average, quantile, lag and random sampling.

And that list is just a small subset of all the Graph Builder improvements!


You can look forward to posts by Xan about Graph Builder in JMP 13 in the coming months. Meanwhile, you can sign up to attend his tutorial at Discovery Summit in September, titled “Creating Effective Visualizations Using Graph Builder.”


For more information on what's coming in JMP 13 and JMP Pro 13, visit the preview site.

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