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JMP 13 Little Details: New color themes

In my data visualization talks, I often promote the use of perceptually sequential or diverging color themes instead of the popular rainbow color themes. The matplotlib open source effort has produced a few new color maps that are designed to be perceptually uniform but with a greater range than a monochrome color map.

Two of them are included with JMP 13, Viridis and Magma.

Here’s Viridis in a treemap of Les Miserables characters.



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Super User

Treemaps are one of my favourite visualisations (here I talk about why I like them).  But I tend use the Treemap platform rather than Graph Builder - the reason is that I like the default pastel colour scheme used by Treemap whereas I find the default for Graph Builder a little bit too "brash". Maybe I am just a bit too set in my ways!

Lighter colors do work better for large areas. If it's any consolation, Graph Builder does lighten the current theme's colors for treemaps. And you can select all the legend items and change the transparency in one step.

Super User

Thanks.  I'll take a look at that.