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JMP 13 Little Details: More color and size variables

If you’re discovered the Variables section of the element options in Graph Builder, you’ve opened up another level of richness to your graphs. With that, you can layer graph elements that use different variables, such as this graph that combines an Area element for a custom band and a Line element for the responses.


Layering area and line elements in Graph BuilderLayering area and line elements in Graph Builder

However, you might bump into the limit of having a single color variable and a single size variable in each graph.

JMP 13 allows two of each, which can enable graphs like this combination of Points and Line using different size and color settings for each.

Layering points and line elements with separate color and size variablesLayering points and line elements with separate color and size variables


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Level III

Was this plot produced using Associative Arrays like the Graph Builder example in the JSL Scripting Guide? Can it be produced using Graph Builder?

@mela_ssa Both plots were made with Graph Builder. In the second plot, the blue circles are made with a Points elements with size and color controlled by other variables. The lines are made with a Line element with the Row Order option turned on so it connects the positions in the order they appear in the table (mixing in missing values for discontinuities). Some preparation is required to get the data in the right shape to make the graph. We're looking to make that part easier in the future, so I'm interested to hear in use cases for similar graphs.
Level III

Another twist to this visualization is the interrelationship digraph as described in <>. There, I modified the “Associative Array in Graph Theory” example found on pp. 211-214 of the JMP® 13 Scripting Guide.


What special columns, row states, and other attributes should users make to the data table to produce the graph, other than the Points and Line elements you mentioned earlier.