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JMP 13 Little Details: Connect through missing values

Real data contains missing values, and, in general, it’s OK to only show the non-missing values in graphs. With lines, there is a suggestion of continuity that might hide missing-ness. In JMP 13, the Graph Builder line element now has four options for handling X values which do not have a Y value: connect through, connect faded, connect dashed, and no connection.

Here are the four options on a data set where the Y values are missing when X is 3, 5 and 8.

connectmissing1.pngMissing Values: Connect Through


connectmissing2.pngMissing Values: Connect Faded


connectmissing3.pngMissing Values: Connect Dashed


connectmissing4.pngMissing Values: No ConnectionNotice that if a data value has missing values before and after it in the “no connection” mode, a dot represents the zero-length line.