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JMP 11 graph puzzler

JMP 11 has many data visualization updates, and a few of them are featured in the following graph of solar array data. Can you identify the new features?

Bar chart featuring a few JMP 11 features


Before giving the answers, I’ll mention a few other prominent JMP 11 features, some of which we’ll blog more about when JMP 11 starts shipping in September.


  • Ad-hoc computed columns that can be created on the fly in Graph Builder and other places.
  • Split window JMP Scripting Language (JSL) editing for working with longer scripts.
  • Smart graph label placement to reduce overlapping labels. 
  • Street-level background maps for better context with local geographic data.
  • Columns Viewer to quickly summarize columns.
  • Binning formulas to slice continuous data into ranges.
  • Richer custom applications that can manage multiple data tables.

The list goes on. In fact, the JMP 11 New Features document is more than 80 pages long.


And now for the answers to the puzzle. JMP 11 features in the graph include:


  • Nested date axes, so the common parts of each date are not repeated for each tick.
  • Richer hover data, which now includes relevant data values in addition to the usual row label text. 
  • A color variable (wind speed, here) applied to bars.
  • Denser bar charts, in which the gap decreases when the bars are skinnier.
  • More muted graph frame and tick mark colors. 
  • A new gradient color theme, among about a dozen new color themes.

The last two items can be achieved in JMP 10 without too much trouble through Preferences. In fact, I’ve posted an add-in to the JMP File Exchange that adds all the new JMP 11 color themes to JMP 10.




Note: This post is part of series of previews of JMP 11 by JMP R&D members and technical experts. The JMP Blog will feature new previews every Tuesday until JMP 11 is released in September. Check out all of the JMP 11 previews.

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