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It's time to update your copy of JMP 12 and JMP Pro 12

Are you using JMP 12 or JMP Pro 12? If so, please read on....

A maintenance update for JMP 12 and JMP Pro 12 is now available, and it’s recommended for all users and sites.

What's in JMP 12.2?

JMP 12.2 includes bug fixes and a few new features, including:

  • A SQL Query() function that supports a Version argument to indicate compatibility with JMP versions.
  • Sample scripts for Generalized Regression that illustrate the shrinkage effect of varying Alpha and the tuning parameter, Lambda, in the elastic net fit for a single predictor.
  • Documentation in Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
  • Read the release notes on our software updates page for a complete list of improvements and new features, and make sure your copy of JMP 12 is updated.

    Learn more, including how to tell what type of JMP license you have, at jmp.com/update

    And thanks for using JMP!

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