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Jul 2, 2014

It's a Wrap!

A few weeks ago, I told you about a video contest for SAS employees. I mentioned that several of us in JMP marketing were working on what can only be described as a winner. OK, I admit -- I’m a bit biased, but now that we’ve submitted our entry, it does seem to me like we hit the nail on the head. You might even say that our parody of MythBusters is pretty darn plausible.

If you’re wondering what kind of competition we’re up against, I know of at least two formidable competitors.

One is a fellow JMP employee, Roger Alford, whose love for films is legendary. I was rather dismayed to learn that we had competition from inside our own group. And I was even further dismayed to learn that his video features puppets, animation and a clever plot line. Ugggggghhhhhh. I haven’t seen Roger’s entry yet, but l assume it’s a contender. After all, Roger is an employee of the JMP division.

The other entry to fear comes from the SAS UK office. From what I hear, these guys are scary good with lighting and camera angles. They even have related episodes posted on YouTube. I’ve not yet got a clue what a missing mummy has to do with SAS software, but I look forward to finding out. Even if they don’t win, their topic alone makes me wonder if they’ve got the contest all wrapped up.

Who will win? Who knows? Only the judges know -- until Feb. 22 when the semifinalists will be announced.

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Community Member

Tim Troutman wrote:

Are the videos posted on youtube for public viewing or are they waiting until after the contest is over?

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