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May 28, 2014

IoT, DOE and more

BradJones DennisLinInternet of Things (IoT) and design of experiments (DOE) are just two of the things you will hear about if you tune in to the Analytically Speaking webcast with Dennis J.K. Lin and Bradley Jones on June 10.

Both are invited speakers at the 32nd Quality & Productivity Research Conference, which takes place the same week at nearby North Carolina State University and which JMP is co-sponsoring. They will step away from the conference to talk with us for an hour about some of their many contributions to statistics, and in particular design of experiments.

A professor of Statistics at Penn State University, Dennis recently spoke at the first-ever Discovery Summit China, where he talked about statistics for IoT. Earlier in the year, Brad, who is Principal Research Fellow at JMP, spoke at the inaugural Discovery Summit Europe with Peter Goos on some of the new DOE capabilities in JMP 12.

If you can’t make it for the live webcast of our discussion, you can always watch it from the archives later on.