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Introducing Paul Marovich

Heath Rushing discussed the fact earlier (November 6) that we get a lot of comments about our courses from our students who attend with a class of JMP users, which is held either publicly at one of our SAS training centers or privately at a customer site. Some of the most specific and adamant comments concern the instructor, and some of the most enthusiastic comments about instructors are for Paul Marovich.

Paul began teaching JMP courses more than ten years ago. He has seen many changes over this period, both to the courses and to our organization. He is one of the few instructors who teaches both JMP and SAS courses, and that is no trivial feat!

Paul primarily works with new users and business applications. He focuses on the ordinary, 'every-day' activities and applications of statistics that occur all the time. Paul emphasizes the foundational elements of good data analysis and statistical practice, in particular, stressing good habits for acquiring, managing, and visualizing data.

His own enthusiasm permeates everything that he does while helping his students, either in front of a class or in a dialog after class over follow up questions.

I hope that you get the opportunity to have Paul as an instructor some day!

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