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Interactive HTML: Graph Builder and more in JMP 13

In JMP 11, we built interactive HTML technology into JMP to enable customers to share results. You can publish JMP results to the Web, post them to a corporate intranet or shared drive, or share them with colleagues via e-mail.


In JMP 12, we added support for Bubble Plots, Profilers and Mobile devices. Unlike Flash applications, the interactive HTML reports in JMP can run on iPads and similar devices.


In JMP 13, we've added support for reports created with Graph Builder. The most frequently used features are enabled, for Points, Smoothers, Ellipses, Lines, Bars, Areas, Box Plots, Histograms, Heat maps, Mosaic Plots, Caption Boxes, and Map Shapes. These Graph Builder elements are highlighted in the figure below.




In addition, we've received a number of feature requests from customers over the years. You know who you are ;-)  So beyond Graph Builder, we've added the following in JMP 13:

  • Dashboard Support
  • More Profilers
  • Reference Ranges
  • Value Labels
  • Value Ordering
  • Pinned Tooltips
  • Hover Pictures

In this post, I'll give a high-level overview of some of these features.

Graph Builder Bar Charts


Bar charts are among the most frequently used graphs. Graph Builder provides a dozen different styles of bar charts, of which six are supported in interactive HTML.


The example below shows the same data drawn with stacked and side-by-side bars. For this market share example, the bar sections all sum to 100%, so arguably the stacked style communicates more clearly.


Interactive HTML





Bullet charts provide a highly space-efficient presentation. These charts were developed specifically for use in dashboards. The example below shows a dashboard for a hospital interested in patients' and doctors' wait times and emergency room occupancy.




Range bars are useful for showing two values. In the stock market example below, hover tips display the high and low prices for each date.


Interactive HTML



 Graph Builder supports many combinations of layouts for grouping. The example below shows diamond prices vs. carat weights, grouped by cut, in a wrapped layout. The larger diamonds are more expensive, and the cut also matters. The ideal cut is considered to give the most brilliant sparkle to the diamond, so it generally fetches higher prices.




Bar Charts Outside Graph Builder


Implementing bar charts for Graph Builder gave us a bonus: Bar charts are now also supported in all other JMP reports. In the Partial Least Squares analysis, for example, bar charts interactively display X and Y coordinates.


Interactive HTML


Improved Dashboard Support


Dashboards combine related information in custom layouts for efficient communication. Dashboards are popular on the web, so we've improved support for custom layouts in Interactive HTML. The dashboard below uses a particularly efficient layout with tab controls to show profits per employee for different types of companies.






Besides improving layout, we can support many more kinds of dashboards in JMP 13, because we support many more kinds of graphs. This dashboard of regional air quality combines four separate Graph Builder reports. Along with Bar Charts, Heat maps, Mosaic Plots and Map Shapes are all new graph types supported in JMP 13. My colleagues John Powell and Josh Markwordt will describe these new graphs in future blog posts.




Interactive Examples


In this blog post, I've shown static images and simple animations, but that is no substitute for interacting with the web pages themselves. All of our examples are available as Interactive HTML pages at http://www.jmp.com/jmphtml5/.


JMP 13 HTML5 Examples


We built these examples with our colleague Michael Goff's excellent new web report generator, available in JMP 13 under the View menu "Create Web Report."


We hope our work helps you, and we look forward to your comments and suggestions!

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