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May 21, 2014

Innovators' Summit Speaker Testifies About Credit Scoring on Capitol Hill

Clark Abrahams -- book author, Chief Financial Architect at SAS and a speaker at the upcoming Innovators' Summit -- testified recently before the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Oversight Committee. He was part of a panel of experts who talked about credit scores and the US credit scoring system.

Check out Abrahams' blog, Fair Lending Compliance, to read highlights of his Congressional testimony. Via the C-SPAN Web site, you can also watch a four-minute segment of his statement to the committee (enable pop-ups to watch).

At the Innovators' Summit, Abrahams will describe a new framework, called the Comprehensive Credit Assessment Framework, that "combines judgmental factors with analytical methods to achieve a more complete and accurate credit assessment."

In his talk, Abrahams, a 30-year banking industry veteran, will:

  • Identify the important features of a credit-granting system.
  • Explain the underwriting "gap" and how financial services organizations can close that gap.
  • Discuss how banks can qualify creditworthy consumers without understating or overstating risk.

  • Join us at the Summit, and you can meet Abrahams in person and ask him your questions about analytics for credit scoring.

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