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Jul 2, 2014

Houston, We Have a Problem; JMP Has a Solution

I just read an Associated Press article in my local newspaper about how a piece of equipment on the space station is not functioning correctly. Its job is to convert urine and sweat into drinkable water for the astronauts, but apparently it works for only two hours at a time. This unfortunate malfunction brings to mind some obvious problems – YUCK!

And this story brings to mind some obvious links to JMP 8. OK, maybe not so obvious to those of you who haven’t been living and breathing the newest release of JMP for most of 2008. But if you’ve signed up for the Dec. 4 Webcast or one of the many live JMP 8 launch events, you noticed a space theme.

Don’t worry. The event has nothing to do with recycling urine and sweat on a space station, but it will showcase the coolest new features of JMP. You’ll see how the new reliability platform can help manufacturers ensure reliability before a product hits the market – or, in this case, is shipped into space.

Our event will also unveil a host of Mars-themed video stories that demonstrate how JMP 8 might help space travelers survive – even thrive – on another planet.

If you’re already using JMP, you know the software can be fun. But we’ve taken fun to new heights with the launch of JMP 8.

Join in the fun at one of our live December events or sign up to watch the Webcast from your desktop (and get a free launch T-shirt when you register).

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