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Here's help with screening experiments

As we head into February, your 2014 goals are likely already made, and the work on meeting those goals has begun in earnest. For many scientists and experimenters, that means designing the first set of experiments for projects. Many times, those experiments will be screening experiments, experiments designed to identify the important few variables from a much larger set of possible variables.

JMP provides lots of power and incredibly flexible designs for your experiments. When it comes to screening designs, you have the classic designs: Fractional factorial designs and Plackett-Burman designs come to mind first. JMP offers more than just those classic designs. You could just use JMP’s custom designer, which provides great designs, but your choices don’t stop there. You could create an orthogonal or near-orthogonal design. Perhaps you want to try one of the new definitive screening designs. Maybe a Bayesian D-optimal design would work best for your situation.

With all of these choices, it may be difficult determining which screening design you want to use. Fortunately, there is a new course that covers screening designs. The new JMP Software: Modern Screening Designs course covers the latest enhancements in JMP 11 on how to create all of the above-mentioned designs and discusses the scenarios under which these designs are most useful. You will also learn techniques for analyzing the data from screening experiments that can help determine which factors are truly “active.”

This two-day course (four half-day Live Web sessions) can be delivered at your location, but we also have scheduled public classes offered through our Live Web virtual classroom technology. That means you can take this class from your office (no travel!) and learn directly from and ask questions of the live instructor. We have two sessions of this course coming up. The first is February 11-14, and the second is May 12-15. Details on this course can be found on the Training website.

While at the JMP Training site, look around at all of the courses that we offer. We have several other popular public course offerings on the upcoming schedule that can suit beginning users or advanced users.

But what if you don’t see the course that you need on the public schedule? Well, you still have options. If you have enough JMP users at your location who need that course, you can arrange for training to be delivered on your site. If you don’t have enough users to bring an instructor to your site, you could also arrange for an “on-demand” public course. This is a new program offered through JMP Education where you pay for four seats in a public class and we arrange for a public course to be held at a city near you. For complete details on this new program or any questions on JMP courses, contact Deborah Upchurch at 919-531-7312.

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