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Helping clinical trials run better, faster

JMP Clinical enables everyone involved in clinical trials to work better and faster together -- and keep fraud out.

JMP Clinical enables everyone involved in clinical trials to work better and faster together -- and to help improve safety and data quality.


As you read this post over your afternoon coffee, scientists all over the world are hard at work trying to prevent the spread of deadly viruses, and cure and treat debilitating illnesses like cancer, HIV and Alzheimer’s.


When a breakthrough happens and one of those scientists puts her finger on a potentially helpful drug, her laboratory faces a new obstacle: the clinical trial.


With JMP Clinical, medical monitors, medical writers, clinical operations and reviewers can evaluate clinical trials efficiently and effectively. The latest version, JMP Clinical 6, which was released June 24, makes it possible for all involved to perform their jobs better and faster.


Designed for all organizations involved in clinical trials, including clinical research organizations (CROs), pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, regulatory agencies, and medical universities, JMP Clinical has been on the market for seven years and is the gold standard in the industry, said Geoffrey Mann, JMP Life Sciences Product Manager. The new release makes an already-popular product much easier to use, and includes new tools that will help save time and money, and ultimately, produce better drugs.


Organizations of all sizes find value in the software. “While large pharmaceutical companies already have more than 100 copies of our software, the little company that has five employees is able to behave like a large pharmaceutical company when it uses JMP Clinical,” Mann said.


What’s new about JMP Clinical 6?


Every new drug that comes to market has to go through three rigorous phases of clinical trials – such trials produce an enormous amount of data that has to be sorted and analyzed to determine the answers to questions, such as:


  • What are the most common side effects of the drug?
  • Do side effects occur in certain populations more than others?
  • Does the drug do what it’s supposed to do?
  • What is the best dosage?

The all-new user interface of JMP Clinical was built to make it easier to answer these questions quickly and correctly. “It reduces the work by fivefold to tenfold,” said Mann.


The new user interface allows for both a tabulation and a visualization of the data. “Users can generate any table they want, and it’s interactively filtering according to the reviewer’s specifications,” he said. Users can also print or download static views of tables or visualizations as PDFs or PowerPoint slides.


JMP Clinical 6 facilitates collaboration across various divisions and between multiple users. “These configurations let you share all of your data and reviews with anyone in the world,” said Mann.


The new risk-based monitoring tools in JMP Clinical 6 are especially important, as data quality has always been a major issue in clinical trials. Mann tells a story about a data scientist at a CRO who was found to have been falsifying data for years. If that company had been using JMP Clinical, the problem would have been uncovered immediately, saving time and money, and also would have prevented bad drugs from going to market.


“The software runs all kinds of algorithms to find data quality issues, and it will discover things humans alone could never find,” said Mann.


The software helps to ensure that all parties involved in clinical trials stay honest. “It’s a check on everybody,” said Mann.


JMP Clinical helps regulatory agencies hold pharmaceutical companies and CROs to the highest standard. It helps pharmaceutical companies bring lifesaving drugs to the market faster. And it helps CROs ensure that their studies are free of falsification. This means that when that miracle drug is finally released – whether it’s a cure for cancer or a Zika vaccine – you’ll be able to trust it.


Learn more about JMP Clinical at the JMP website.

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