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Have You Updated JMP 9?

Take a few minutes to download the latest JMP maintenance update: JMP 9.0.2. It's available from the Software Updates section of the JMP website. Applying this maintenance release is recommended for everyone.

JMP 9.0.2 is a general maintenance release that contains both enhancements and bug fixes. Read the release notes, available on the Software Updates page, to see the scope of fixes performed for 9.0.2, but keep in mind that the notes are not a complete list of all fixes.

In addition to the fixes, the update includes a couple of new features. You now have the option:

• To specify vertical and horizontal arguments for the Generate Grid() JSL option.

• In List Box (through Set Selected message) for scripts to execute only if the user specifies.

So, don't wait -- update JMP 9 today!

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