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Got JMP 8? You Can Map, Too

By now, you are probably aware that JMP 9 delivers some cool new mapping features. I definitely encourage you to experience them firsthand. However, if you still use JMP 8, or have a colleague who has not upgraded to JMP 9 yet, a new script on the file exchange might be just what you need.

The Polygon Script Creator (download requires a login) allows you to choose one or more US states and generate a graphics script that you can add to any JMP graph. The graphics script lets you include a map background in your JMP graphs. The creator dialog has a resolution level choice of Low, Medium or High. Note that while High resolution will have the most detail, it can also take a long time to generate, especially if you have selected a lot (or all) of the states. For small numbers of states, High resolution should not take too long.

After you have generated the map that you want, there is a Create Script button that brings up the graphics script in a Script Editor window. This is the script that you can copy and paste into a JMP graphics customization window. (To get to a JMP graphics customization window, right-click on a JMP graph and select "Customize.” In the customization window, simply click the "plus" button to add a new graphics script and paste the generated script into the script box in the customization window.)

Here is an example of adding a map graphics script to a JMP graph, produced in JMP 8.0.2:

example of bubble plot with map of North Carolina

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