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Give your boss right reasons to attend Discovery Summit Europe

justify-briefcase-croppedAre you considering a trip to Amsterdam for Discovery Summit Europe? You’ll likely need permission from your manager, so we’ve put together a kit to help justify the conference.

The kit includes a letter template for formal requests. Every decision maker will require different information before giving the OK, so be sure to alter this template to fit your needs. The red text indicates where you will need to fill in details.

For those of you asking for permission in person, the kit includes talking points that cover answers to questions you might face, such as:

  • What is Discovery Summit?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How is Discovery Summit different from training and tutorials?
  • You’ve just started using JMP; won’t this be above your level?
  • You’ve been using JMP for years; shouldn’t you know all the answers by now?
  • We hope this helps demonstrate the value of attending the Summit and that you will receive approval to attend in no time!

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