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Feb 6, 2014

Get the JMP Read-Out Data Transformation Add-In

If you perform reliability data analysis using read-out data formats, you will be excited to see a new JMP add-in written by my colleague Peng Liu that is available for download from the JMP File Exchange. (Download requires a free SAS login.)

Read-out data, a common data type used in reliability analysis, is simply another name for interval-based test data, frequently used in the electronics and high-tech industries.

This new add-in supports three different read-out data formats and easily converts into a format ready for JMP analysis, saving you time and effort performing manual transformations.

Simply select your read-out data format and choose from several options you would like to employ. Click go, and you’re ready to make important reliability discoveries with your read-out data using JMP 9.

So get the read-out data transformation add-in. Detailed help and sample data tables for all three formats are available right in the tool UI.

Let me know what you think of the add-in -- and contribute one of your own!

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