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Get ready for JMP 11

The JMP Development group is looking forward to the September releases of JMP and JMP Pro when customers will have access to new platforms and features added in response to their requests. We send very special thanks to the customers who participated in our beta testing program. JMP developers and testers have been receiving their helpful feedback for several months. JMP customers work closely with marketing and development to share ideas, see demonstrations of prototypes and suggest improvements. The development of JMP is guided by customers’ needs, so these interactions really help shape the future of the product.

By the end of the summer, you will be able browse detailed information about JMP 11 on our website and consult the New Features Guide for all the details. And JMP development team members will be sharing much more about their favorite new JMP 11 features in the months ahead. I think you will find that there are plenty of features coming to delight all JMP users, as well as those looking at JMP for the first time.

Let me name a few: definitive screening designs, a new Excel Wizard, enhanced analytics for understanding consumer preferences, integration with MATLAB, the ability to transform and aggregate variables while staying in the flow of your analysis, new color themes and graphics preferences, enhancements to Graph Builder, new row and column filtering tools, and street-level views for mapping. JMP 11 beta testers have been especially excited about the ability to export interactive HTML versions of many JMP graphs.

While JMP Pro has all the enhancements mentioned above, it also adds advanced techniques to take your statistical analysis to the next level: uplift modeling, Reliability Block Diagram platform, new Fit Model personalities for Mixed Models and Generalized Regression, and enhancements to Partial Least Squares.

New and updated Help content and a set of reorganized JMP Books are also coming. By the way, did you know that you can find JMP Help online? JMP Help (and the .pdf versions of JMP Books) are available on our website and can be searched there or from any search engine.

As for me, I’ve been in my new role as development manager in the JMP group after six years (and 10 feature release cycles) as JMP Genomics product manager. Like the life sciences group, the JMP group works very hard to improve the functionality and quality of its products with every release. JMP developers are already beginning to think about future additions and enhancements to the software.

Watch for more information about JMP 11 in this blog in the coming weeks. JMP 11 will be officially launched at the JMP Discovery Summit conference in San Antonio this September. Registration for the conference is already filling up, so sign up today to reserve your spot.

Note: This post is part of series of previews of JMP 11 by JMP R&D members and technical experts. The JMP Blog will feature new previews every Tuesday until JMP 11 is released in September. Check out all of the JMP 11 previews.

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Robert Ehrlich wrote:

Everything sounds like a major advance. I stopped at after obtaining JMP9 because I could see no fundamental improvement over JMP8--so I still use 8. Now to a sore point--will there be text manuals for JMP? Lots of background, lots of references--just like in the good old days.


Shannon Conners wrote:

Thank you for your comment on my blog. There are text manuals available (at a cost) through print on demand for JMP 11. The JMP documentation library is now over 4500 pages, so providing print manuals by default to all users is not really feasible anymore. However, JMP documentation is still being very actively developed and older content is being restructured and rewritten with every version to continue to respond to user needs and explain new features. We are also offering e-books for Kindle (coming with JMP 11 in September) and iBooks formats through Amazon and Apple, respectively.

All the JMP help and books are now online as well, so they can be searched through Google. We are getting more and more requests for online documentation resources, as users tell us that Adobeâ s embedded pdf search and the search functions provided by our in-product Help system donâ t always deliver quite like a Google search does.

For more information about JMP 11, you can visit http://jmp.com/software/preview-jmp11.shtml. There are many new features in our latest release, and I hope many of them will be of interest to you!