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Get Head Start on Fall Semester with JMP Seminar This Summer

It’s a great time to learn about how to use JMP, either for teaching your course or doing your homework. The JMP Academic team will be presenting the online seminar titled JMP Basics for Professors and Students three times this summer: June 22, July 21 and August 17.

If you are wondering whether JMP is for you, take a look at who attended this presentation during the 2009-2010 school year. We delivered 10 sessions of JMP Basics for Professors and Students. We had 235 people attendees and a 98% satisfaction rating.

The 235 people were made up of 33% students, 26% teaching faculty and 25% research faculty. We were happy to see so many students attending. Several professors assigned the online seminar as optional homework.

Somewhat surprising to us was that the No. 1 discipline among attendees was life, health or physical sciences. In academia, we tend to have many JMP users in the statistics and business & economics areas as well as the engineering or computer science group. So we were pleased to see so much interest from life, health and physical sciences folks as well as from social and behavioral sciences students and professors.

Other fun facts about our attendees are that 21% were Mac users and 79% Windows users. And we had attendees from 40 states and four countries.

So whether you are just checking out JMP for your own use or are looking for a convenient and effective way for your students to learn JMP, this online seminar is for you. We will be offering this session several times at the beginning of the fall semester, in case you would like to make this an assignment for your students.

You can register to attend JMP Basics for Professors and Students at the JMP Webcasts page.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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