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Follow-Up to Webcast on Predictive Modeling Using JMP Pro

Interested in JMP Pro? Here are links to items that Solution Manager Ian Cox covered in his Feb. 17 live predictive modeling webcast. To access some of the items, you will need to complete a registration form or use your SAS profile to log into the site.

  • View a demo (see Part 4) on neural nets in JMP Pro.
  • Feel free to download and explore the mobile phone customer churn (cancellation) data that Ian used during his webcast demo.
  • Download and intstall Ian’s JMP 9 stratified split add-in, which splits the table rows according to specified proportions within each level of a particular column. This can be useful for building predictive models when the numbers of rows for each level of that particular column are not roughly equal.

  • Mastering JMP sessions on different topics are held each Thursday. Register for any or all topics that interest you.

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