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May 21, 2014

Follow JMP Discovery Summit live online

Greetings from San Antonio, where many of us from JMP will be for the next several days!

Discovery Summit is about to start, and I'm excited about our keynote speeches, as well as the many presentations and posters about the powerful and creative ways people use JMP. I look forward to meeting readers of the JMP Blog at the conference and invite their thoughts about the blog.

For those who are unable to attend the conference but are interested in what's happening, you can follow it live online in these ways:

  • A live webcast of the keynote presentation by John Sall and other members of the JMP development team on Sept. 10.
  • Live blogging of the keynote speeches by Dick De Veaux and Nate Silver on Sept. 11 and Sept. 12, respectively, via our live coverage page at this easy-to-remember address:
  • Live blogging of the panel discussion with Marie Davidian, Bradley Jones, Denise Lievesley, Will Potts and Bob Stine on Sept. 12 via live coverage page.
  • Live tweeting throughout the conference. Follow the hashtag #JMPcon on Twitter.
  • Live posting of photos throughout Discovery Summit on our live coverage page.
  • We have lots more planned for attendees. Check out the full agenda for the conference.

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