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Extras Menu

JMP 7 makes it possible to share menu customizations by exporting and importing menus or submenus (see Part 1 and Part 2 of Richard Potter's blog entries on menu customization). I recently posted a menu customization (.jmpmenu file) to JMP Extras that provides a place to put small add-ons. It's an empty "Extras" menu, and there's also an initial add-on called Column Name extras (also a .jmpmenu file).

If you download those files and import them with the menu editor (Edit > Customize > Menus and Toolbars), you'll get a new Extras menu that looks like the following:

Extras Menu

The Column Names group of commands is useful for imported tables that don't get the column names quite right. An example of Hoist from First Row:


Before Hoist


After Hoist

These commands are implemented with JSL scripts, of course. You can see the JSL in the menu editor if you're curious.

We have a few more add-ons in the pipeline, and we welcome your suggestions or contributions.

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