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Ease Your Transition from SPSS to JMP

We are seeing lots of interest in a new illustrated white paper that is available for download: Moving from SPSS to JMP: A Transition Guide by Dr. Jason Brinkley of the Department of Biostatistics at East Carolina University.

As its title indicates, the purpose of the paper is "to transition users who are familiar with SPSS to performing analysis in JMP." Dr. Brinkley accomplishes this through the use of an example that is independent of either SPSS or JMP. And he shows the latest versions of both programs: SPSS 19 and JMP 9.

"Looking across several instances, we start to see a pattern emerge in the overall differences JMP and SPSS. Point and click in SPSS is a mechanism for generating SPSS code, so users decide which analysis and options they want to perform and then submit the generated code to obtain the output. The code and results are listed in the output file, which can be saved, copied or manipulated. By contrast, JMP dynamically links the data and reports in order to create an interaction; users start with a general area of analysis and then are allowed to customize output to add different features or analytics. The dynamic link between data and output makes exploring unusual observations very simple, and the interactivity of features such as Graph Builder allows users to create and update visuals in real time," Dr. Brinkley writes in the paper's conclusion.

Here are the main topics he covers in the paper:

  • Importing and Cleaning Data
  • Visualization
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Custom Tables
  • Correlation
  • Inference, including Two-Sample t-Test, Crosstabs/Contingency Tables and Linear Regression
  • Data Manipulation, including Creating New Variables and File Splitting
  • Saving and Reproducing Output
  • Get your free copy of the paper and make your own transition from SPSS to JMP easier!

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