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Dragging and dropping with style

Drag-and-drop is one of the slick new behaviors to come out of application design in the last few years. Dragging is the process of selecting an object and carrying it between applications. Dropping is the process of laying the object down in the new application. If you think about what you are really doing, this is pretty cool.

"I'm going to take this, pick it up and put it over here. Voilà!"

In this short video, "How to Drag and Drop Reports into Microsoft Word" (0:58),  I show you a little trick to use when dragging and dropping your reports from JMP into Microsoft Word.  By using the selection tool, you can drop reports in these other applications as editable objects so that you can change the style or update the labels in the reports. This is great if you need to add reports to your presentations and documents and have document style requirements at your company.

[iframe title="YouTube video player" width="560" height="315" src="http://youtube.com/embed/Xp8p-A5B6iw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]

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chris dorger wrote:


this worked very well when I dragged the object into MSWord but not so well with MSPowerPoint. Text and graphics stayed together when Word was the destination but only text appeared when the destination was PPT. If I selected ONLY the plot area without the title bar I could get a graph. Can't I drag both text and graphics into PPT?

Staff (Retired)

Amelia Vogler wrote:


Thank you. I have updated this video. There is way to update the style of a graphic that comes from JMP in PPT, but you must embed the file as an "enhanced meta file" type. I've decided to handle this use case in a separate video and will post it to the youTube "How-to playlist" on the JMP channel when it is complete.