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Download Reliability Forecast Add-In for JMP

Do you have a need to forecast future warranty returns or forecast financial reserves? If so, you will be interested in the new reliability forecasting add-in for JMP 9 that uses the popular Nevada data format to perform predictions and plan future inventory requirements, and budget for future claim payments.

This simple-to-use interface is loaded with features that allow you to specify time frequencies, perform distribution fit analysis with your choice of distribution model, summary totals and optional color coding of cells in the output table.

This new add-in provides a very useful help document describing in detail how to use the tool and includes a sample data table. Take advantage of the interactive graphics in JMP to display and communicate results to your management team.

Download the reliability forecast add-in today from the JMP File Exchange and start making predictions to help you improve your predictive performance in order to streamline your organization! (Download requires a free SAS login.)

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