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Documentation for JMP Genomics 3.2

Again for JMP Genomics 3.2, I have to praise the efforts of our documentation specialist Tom Pedersen. He has spent many hours toiling away on chapters with lots of detail on nearly every JMP Genomics process. His job can really be a thankless one at times-chasing after developers (or a harried certain product manager) for more detail on a new feature or a sample data set or setting to illustrate how a process works. And this process always heats up near the end of a release cycle, when it’s most difficult to get our attention-but that does not deter Tom.

The process-by-process documentation for the JMP Genomics User Guide Supplement is now up to >100 chapters, in addition to case studies illustrated in the JMP Genomics User Guide. In addition to being found in the Help > Books submenu, pdf copies of these two books can now also be found in the new Documentation and Help submenu of the Genomics menu.

After this release, Tom will be working on reorganizing this extensive documentation into several books. I really can not say enough about how much users appreciate being able to go to his documentation and see what each new process does, and view a detailed illustrated example. Tom also collates the Release Notes for our team, which helps alert new users to options and processes coming on-line with a newly released version. We all owe a big thanks to Tom for all his hard work this release.

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