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Discovery Summit 2015 live blog: Doug Montgomery

Arizona State University professor Doug Montgomery gives a keynote speech at Discovery Summit 2015 in San Diego, California, titled "The Flight of the Phoenix."

Montgomery, a professor of engineering and statistics, discusses the reasons that some people believed that design of experiments was no longer of interest, and new developments and applications that have made this one of the most active and important fields of applied statistics.

View the live blog of this speech.

See photos, tweets and other live blogs from the conference at jmp.com/live.

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Ron Andrews wrote:

I would like to read the blog on Doug Montgomery's presentation. It has apparently reached its capacity. I'll try again later.


Ron Andrews wrote:

I read the blog for Doug Montgomery's talk (it worked this time). I wish I could have been there. I've been using DOX for 40 years. I had no idea that someone thought it had died and needed reviving.

I concur about the two movie versions of "The Flight of the Phoenix".