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DecisionStats Q&A with John Sall

Did you miss last week's Q&A with John Sall, chief architect of JMP, in DecisionStats, an analytics blog by Ajay Ohri? It's worth a read.

"In a free-wheeling and exclusive interview, John talks of the long journey within SAS and his experiences in helping make JMP the data visualizaton software of choice," Ajay says in his introduction to the post.

Ajay's questions cover such topics as Sall's educational background, his "Eureka!" moments while developing SAS with CEO Jim Goodnight and why Sall created JMP software. He even asks Sall what he does in his free time when he isn't creating "world-class companies or groovy statistical discovery software." (As a former technology writer for a daily newspaper, I give kudos to Ajay for working the word "groovy" into his interview!)

Other SAS leaders featured in DecisionStats interviews include Jim Davis, chief marketing officer, and Anne Milley, marketing director, with whom Ajay did a two-part interview.

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