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Creating a custom location map in JMP 9

Ever wanted to create a custom map in JMP using your own custom location coordinates? Perhaps you want to map out a new building or landscaping effort so you can visually analyze the project data in JMP. Or perhaps you want to be able to see a layout of your organization’s operations (production floor, front office, etc.) in order to explore key measurement performance. It is easy to build custom location maps in JMP 9 and utilize them with powerful JMP visualization tools.

The Gorostiza Wise (GW) Farm, a full-time fruit orchard in Alaminos, Laguna, Philippines, had a similar need … just on a much larger scale. Data had been collected on tree count across two tracts of property over the past two years. The first tract (Phase 1) was closest to the front gates and was very thick and well-developed with banana and coconut. 

The second tract (Phase 2) was positioned farther back into the property and was only lightly planted with Lanzones (specialty fruit tree of the region) and had more room for tree plantings. The GW Farm owners were aggressively investing in new tree planting to increase and diversify their crops. They wanted to be able to map out in JMP 9 the tree count over the past two years in order to visually view and analyze their expansion efforts.


The first step was to get the latitude and longitude measurements of the property in order to form the shapes of the two parcels of land. This was completed utilizing the free GPS Location iPhone app by Acceleroto and recording the results at each of the major corners in the property. Then these coordinates were entered into a JMP XY mapping file as part of the custom map creation process within JMP 9. Once completed, they were ready to link the custom location map to their tree count by year data and visually explore results in JMP. See below for an example of how the JMP Graph Builder was used to drill down and shade in tree count by property tract (phase) in the custom location map.


These views helped the GW Farm make future tree planting decisions and ensure that the property is on track for higher yields and profitability. 

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Rachelle Eusebio wrote:

Mr. Scott,

I would like to know more details on how to use the JMP XY Mapping file and how to link this file to my dataset. Any good reference with step-by-step approach?




Scott Wise wrote:

The "Using JMP.pdf" help material available in the books section of your JMP Help menu is a good place to start to learn about XY mapping. Also the "Custom Map Creator" Add-In utility available over the User Community File Exchange in the www.jmp.com website is another good way to see examples of how xy mapping files are created.