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Jul 26, 2013

Control Chart Builder in JMP 10: Video preview

In a previous post, I gave a list of 10 great things about the new JMP 10 software that is being released on March 20. As part of the preview for this release, we have created three videos to give you an early look at some of these new features.

In the second video, you can have a look at the brand new Control Chart Builder in JMP 10.

The Control Chart Builder in JMP 10 is a new drag-and-drop way of building control charts. It automatically configures the control chart depending on the type of data you are looking at. You can also drag grouping or phase variables and get a handle on your process control data very efficiently.

[iframe title="YouTube video player" width="565" height="425" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]

Community Member

Michael Clayton wrote:

JMP 10 will be cause for much re-thinking by those that waited too long to update old permanent versions. But everyone will be extremely happy to see I-pad apps for some of our favorite graph and analysis platforms! What will be the price? When available? GraphBuilder of course.

But what about the distribution and fit x by y tools? And my favorite the Variability Plot?

I can't wait. I want them NOW.

Community Member

Dan Valente wrote:

Hi Michael -- Thank you for the comments. You will happy to know that the JMP Graph Builder for iPad is available on the Apple AppStore now, and is a free download. I encourage you to read the article by our blogger about the Graph Builder for iPad for an introduction and demonstration of the features -- Graph Builder for iPad on the JMP Blog.