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Coming in JMP 12: Export to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

As a JMP user, you’ve probably needed to incorporate graphs and tables into Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. We have heard the requests for better interoperation with PowerPoint. As part of JMP 12, we have been working on functionality to export JMP content directly to a PowerPoint file.

Prior to JMP 12, you’ve had to use the clipboard to move selected content into PowerPoint. It takes a bit of work especially using the “Paste Special” feature to pick out the rendering or formatting you’re after. PowerPoint can get confused about the content or formatting. Tables of numbers often require manual rework. The experience can certainly be improved.

With JMP 12, we have added the ability to export directly to the .pptx file format. The export will write graphs, tables, text and outline titles directly from JMP. PowerPoint will supply most of the visual styling such as table colors, fonts, title size, etc., based on the template used. JMP will ship with a default template. Once content is within PowerPoint, you can update styles, move content around and better incorporate your own content.

If you are just a bit more adventurous, you can use JMP Scripting Language (JSL) to gain more control over the presentation creation. For example, you can reposition outline titles or turned them off entirely. Perhaps you have a corporate standard PowerPoint template or just prefer a different look to the output. Using JSL, you can instruct JMP to select a different template file from the one we ship with JMP.

Once JMP 12 is available, I will have a more detailed rundown of the capabilities and assumptions we use to create the output. I will also show some JSL used to insert slides into an existing presentation and also how you can use your own template file for even faster customization.

Here are a couple of screen captures from PowerPoint with an exported file opened. I hope that you’ll enjoy using this functionality when JMP 12 is available in March.

Graph Output shown in PowerPoint

Graph Output shown in PowerPoint


Screenshot of Table Output opened within PowerPoint

Table Output

Editor's note: This post is part of a series of previews of JMP 12 written by the people who develop the software.

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Michael Kennedy wrote:

Looking forward to this addition as the current way to automate reports in JMP into PowerPoint isn't ideal. Certainly make generating content and sharing it much easier.


Walter Paczkowski wrote:


I'm very excited about using JSL to create PowerPoint slides. I'm beta testing JMP 12 for Windows. I looked at the Scripting Guide and the Script Index for references on PowerPoint, but found nothing. Can you send me JSL documentation so I can try PowerPoint through a script?




Robert Bremel wrote:

I hope that the capabilities include using the animation capabilities of Powerpoint. I have people manually overlaying multiple clipboard pastes to play them in an animation loop. Its a cool way to view multiple dimensions and being able to automate it with would be great!


Clark Morgan wrote:

Another option is to invoke a program called p3icli from JSL and have it load graphics and text into PowerPoint.

A JSL demo is shown here.