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Coming Soon! JMP® Genomics 3.1

It’s been a short but intense development cycle since JMP Genomics 3.0 went into the release engineering production process last May and our team started working on the requirements for JMP Genomics 3.1. This latest and greatest release of JMP Genomics will be offered as a Web update early next week, depending on last-minute bug fixes and tests. It’s amazing to me, as product manager, what a focused and dedicated team can accomplish in a short period of time. The work that the JMP Genomics team has put in for 3.1 is nothing short of stunning. In fact, everyone kept bugging me to name it JMP Genomics 4.0 instead of 3.1 because we have so much that is new and improved. However, I didn’t think anyone would believe a 4.0 release just five months after a 3.0 release, so…release 3.1 it is.

Enumeration of all the new features in JMP Genomics 3.1 will follow in a separate blog entry. (There are so many it’s hard to know where to start!) First, though, I think it’s important to recognize some of the important people who have to keep up with the fast-moving JMP Genomics development team. They come from several different subgroups of the JMP team – Documentation, Field Support, Testing/QA – and are drawn together into a tight-knit genomics group. Although Doug Robinson (our application scientist manager) and I are the more public faces – the ones you’ll see out in the field demonstrating and talking about JMP Genomics - there are lots of members of our team in Cary who are just as important but not as public.

In addition to the fantastic team of software developers who are devoted to genomics, JMP Genomics is also supported by testers from the JMP QA team who run the numbers and try different data sets to make sure features work as intended. They make sure that bugs are identified and tracked, and fixes verified. They also act as pseudo-regular users, offering suggestions on improving features and the user interfaces where features are surfaced. Their job isn’t done until the final installer is tested and signed off on – which brings me to the great gratitude we have for our JMP colleague who builds the installers for JMP Genomics. He has such patience when we ask him to build “one last version.”

Then there is our tireless JMP Genomics documentation writer. Genomics is such a new and fast-moving field that our developers are constantly adding new features and tweaking existing processes. Talk about a thankless job – keeping the documentation updated and coping with last-minute dialog changes that necessitate new screen shots! But he deserves a ton of credit for adding ~30 new chapters of specific documentation on new and existing analytic processes for this release. All that, in addition to changing over all the documentation from one software format to another during the release cycle. Now that’s dedication!

The JMP Genomics team owes thanks to others at SAS, too: Technical Support, Release Engineering, Legal, and especially the JMP account executives and inside sales reps who work with JMP Genomics customers, evaluators and prospects. We also depend on the extensive work of SAS and JMP developers who create the platforms that we use for interactive graphics and analytics. JMP Genomics is truly a team effort, and I’m proud to be a part of the team that is doing such great work on this new release.

JMP Genomics users, check the Web site within the next week for a link to download JMP Genomics 3.1! If you haven’t already updated to JMP Genomics 3.0, request that update now. It is required before the 3.1 update can be installed.

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