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Clean Up Column Names with New JMP Add-In

I recently uploaded an add-in to the JMP File Exchange to help clean up column names. It's especially useful when dealing with data from external sources. For instance, if you're looking for historical weather data, you might try using JMP's Internet Open command to read data from a Weather Underground Web page. Here's what it looks like in a browser:

Many Web pages don't mark column headers correctly, and this is one of them. When you open the Web page in JMP you get generic column names:

That's where the add-in comes in. There are four commands. Move Up, Move Up and Append, Move Down and Recode Names. The first three move text between the first row of the data table and the column name. The last command invokes Recode on the column names.

Issuing the Move Up command on our imported table produces:

Since there is still another row of header text, we now use Move Up and Append, which produces:

That's better, but some of the names were appended with "2" or "3" to make them unique after the first operation. We can clean that up with the Recode Names command:

Now, if only someone would write an add-in to detect which of my columns are now all numeric and convert them all from character to numeric...

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1 Comment

Daniel wrote:

Excellent! I use the "internet open" feature on weather underground every month to get fodder for my building energy models. This add-in will come in handy!