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Choose to Help: Tell Us How JMP 8 Should Look

We've got a new JMP choice experiment up and running online, and we need you to take part in it. This time we're looking for feedback on how the Flash output in JMP 8 should look.

The survey will show you 15 pairs of reports in JMP, a pair at a time. You'll click on the report you prefer in each pair.

It shouldn't take you more than a few minutes to complete. Sharing your preferences will help us decide how JMP 8 will look. Spread the word about the experiment to your colleagues and ask them to participate, too. Thanks!

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Joanne Wang wrote:

I just installed SAS 9.2, and am in the process of upgrading my computer to 64 bit OS. I'm waiting for new JMP Genomics to install on the 64 bit OS system and work with SAS v9.2. Is there a timeline of when will this happen? Thank you very much.

BTW, JMP Genomics v 3.2 now can only recognize SAS v9.1.3; is it easy to make a change? Thanks.