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Changing JMP Graph and Selected Text Colors (for Windows OS)

At Sam Gardner’s March 4 Webcast on JMP Journals, we closed with a few basic unanswered questions about changing color settings in JMP for Windows. I promised the answers.

1. You can change most graph settings globally from JMP Preferences. For example, to change most graph attributes, including background color, marker size, marker style and color schemes, choose PREFERENCES>REPORTS, then make and apply your changes.

2. To change the background color of tables, choose PREFERENCES> WINDOWS SPECIFIC>WINDOWS BACKGROUND COLOR.

3. To change the color used to highlight selected menu options or table rows that correspond to areas of a graph that you highlight, you need to change a Windows setting. NOTE: Because these settings will apply to all Windows programs, you may want to note the defaults before changing.

From your Windows Settings Control Panel, select DISPLAY>APPEARANCE>ADVANCED. From the ITEMS box, chooses SELECTED ITEMS, and then choose your color. You may also need to change the FONT color. For example, yellow highlight was unreadable with my default white font, so I changed FONT color to black.

Looking for other tips? Try our searchable JMP Knowledge Base & FAQs.

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