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Call for Posters: Don’t Let Stage Fright Keep You Away

You may not be a paper person -- that is, no matter how cool your application of JMP is, you don’t want to get in front of a room full of users and talk about your work. Then consider submitting a poster for Discovery 2009. You can still show off your cool use of JMP, but you won’t have to do it in a spotlight.

This year, poster sessions are open to academic and corporate users of JMP and can depict a class assignment, a research project or a business application.

Sound interesting? Then don’t procrastinate. We don’t need much from you yet, but we do need to hear from you by April 14. Simply send your title and a 250-word abstract to

If your poster is selected for presentation, you’ll have until Aug. 3 to complete it.

Need more information? Read more about what we’re looking for.

Still have questions? Contact JMP Customer Connection manager, Kathy Walker, at or +1 (919) 531-0393.

And when you’re ready to submit your poster abstract, send it to

And you know that Malcolm Gladwell is the featured speaker, right?

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