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Bradley Jones leads French design of experiments seminar

The JMP team held a seminar on Sept. 17 in France that focused on design of experiments. Bradley Jones and Peter Goos led this half-day event, and they covered various aspects of design of experiments using four different case studies. They introduced the definitive screening design, which is new in JMP 11. This type of design is very helpful for minimizing the number of experiments and maximizing the quality of information, such as curvature. You can find a technical description and advantages of this design in Jones' blog post introducing definitive screening designs.

Jones and Goos also discussed blocking, split plots and constraints. The example of the use of split-plot design for a wind turbine was a nice illustration of the applicability of this type of design, which was initially used in agriculture. Attendees were fascinated by Jones' demonstration, as you can see in the photo below.

Jacques Goupy gave us the honor of attending the seminar and presenting the new edition of his book Introduction aux plans d’experiences, which has a new chapter about split-plot designs.

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