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Books to Learn JMP

While I was working in the JMP booth at SAS Global Forum a couple of weeks ago, quite a few people stopped by to ask me about books.

What books about JMP are there? What are the best books to learn JMP?

I can answer the first question myself. We've got a section of the JMP website devoted to books about JMP.

I can also make one book recommendation (and I did so at SAS Global Forum) because I am reading it right now: JMP Essentials: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide for New Users by Curt Hinrichs and Chuck Boiler. Some new users of JMP know what they want JMP to do for them. Typically, they're looking for a certain type of graph, or they need some help exploring their data or solving a problem. If this is the case for you, JMP Essentials is a great option. The book was influenced by the weekly “Getting Started with JMP” webcasts taught by Chuck, who is one of the authors, and covers the core topics a new user will be interested in – in a step-by-step manner. The book is spiral bound to make it easy to have it lie open beside your computer. And it's full of guidance for creating lots of different graphs, exploring data and solving problems with JMP. Plus, this book covers the integration of SAS and JMP.

For additional JMP book suggestions, I thought I'd ask Curt, who leads the JMP Academic Team (and who is too modest to recommend his own book).

Here's what Curt says:

"We are often asked for advice on the best books for learning JMP. Today, there are many good books on this subject – and still many more on their way- so I answer this question with a very helpful 'well, that depends.' Indeed, it does depend because most JMP users have some specific perspective on what they consider to be a 'best book' for their needs.

"Over the years, I have found that the best book for any individual depends upon three key factors: the background of the reader, the need they have for JMP and the purpose for which they intend to use the book (e.g., self-learning or course use). With this information, we can usually make a reasonable recommendation on par with their needs. But for our purposes here, I will throw out this rubric and touch on a couple of the more recent titles that I think are very good for those learning JMP for the first time.

"Practical Data Analysis with JMP by Robert Carver. This new SAS press title is a very clear and succinct introduction to JMP by example. The scope of the book is elementary to intermediate with the upper range hitting Multiple Regression, ANOVA, DOE and Quality. I like the fact that its format follows a typical 'Intro Stats' course syllabus because I think this will help students in a course and those who are transitioning from another more traditional type of statistical software. The emphasis in this book is on reasoning with data, and the author does an excellent job getting the reader to see how JMP can aid in that reasoning.

"Statistics for Business: Decision Making and Analysis by Robert Stine and Dean Foster. These are two of the same authors that wrote a popular two-volume set of casebooks that featured JMP in the late 1990s. This new offering (published by Addison/Wesley), is a full-fledged textbook for MBA-level business statistics, and I would guess that it was suitably influenced by their experience teaching the course at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The approach is modern and very data-driven and chock full of interesting and relevant examples and case studies. The scope is similar to Carver's book but with more details and pedagogy. JMP instructions are included at the end of each chapter. For new users or courses needing a textbook with a reasonable level of statistical depth, this appears to be a winner."

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Jonathan Gatlin wrote:

Don't forget the award-winning book included with JMP, Discovering JMP