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Book Drive Speaks Volumes about SAS Global Forum Attendees

Are these people speaking English? I’m in Seattle at SAS Global Forum, where some of the conversations (OK, a lot of them) are over my head. I’m hearing programmer-speak, scientist-speak and statistician-speak. Let’s face it, SAS users are some of the smartest folks around.

But they’re not just smart. Between the technical talks, I’m hearing the language of compassion. Years ago, these conference organizers, along with those of the Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS) group, decided to give something back to the host city every year. And they do so through children’s book drives.

I love this idea: Through books, we should enrich the lives of children and adolescents who don’t have access to the resources most of us did in our youth.

More than a day into the conference, books are still being dropped off at the Book Drive table, as are cash donations. This afternoon, organizers will take the monetary donations and purchase books at Barnes & Noble.

Six different Seattle area organizations will benefit from the generosity of these SAS Global Forum attendees and SAS staffers. The decade-old ChildHaven will be one recipient – an organization that works to eliminate child abuse and neglect through early intervention. Nova Alternative High School will receive much-needed books for its library. Seattle Children’s Hospital will also receive a boost to its library of books designated for children confined to their hospital rooms.

That’s so cool to leave a city a little better than how we found it. Nice going, SAS users!

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