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Banner-fying your images

These days, customization of social media profiles is crucial. Everyone can find images to populate their banners, walls and timelines. But sometimes, banner images don't quite cut it. Especially, if you're anything like me, you aren't satisfied with only one picture for your LinkedIn profile banner (particularly if you have multiple interests you want to show off). So, I used JMP Scripting Language to find a solution.

For example, I love art and computer science, and have these two images:

Art    ProgrammingSmall

I wanted something smoother than a vertical line to separate the two images on my banner.

Perhaps, I'd prefer something more like this to place on my profile page:


This is the image I created for my LinkedIn profile, and you can do it, too! I wrote a short segment of JMP code that can blend two images of any size (though images in landscape work best), forming a picture with the correct LinkedIn banner height-to-width ratio. The usage isn't limited to LinkedIn, either. Whenever you need to combine pictures for a smoother image, you can use it.

For those who like the city life, but also love design, maybe this is a good fit:

RosesSmall    CitySmall


Do you like the outdoors? Maybe these two images form a good combo for you:

Scenery    ItalyMountainsSmall


I used these last two images to illustrate that image size plays an important role in the processing. Note that because of the large image sizes of the latter two images, the program elects to crop the upper left-hand corner of the image (though it still looks pretty snazzy). To make the banner fit more of the sunset, or the valley, you would crop some of the sky out of the image before running the program.

All these images were taken from Pexels, a stock photo database that allows free commercial and personal use (the images in this post also link to where they live on Pexels). Find some pictures you like, whether your own or stock photos, and play around with the program I posted in the JMP User Community!

What other uses can you find for this script? What improvements would you like to see?

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