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Announcing the Release of JMP Genomics 3.2 Update

I’m glad to report that JMP Genomics 3.2 has been officially released as a Web update. The development and testing team has been working very hard on this release since last November when the JMP Genomics 3.1 update was posted. We are all breathing a little easier now with the Web update posted and the Web content updated with information on new features. Or, we would be breathing easier, if the pollen count weren’t so high in Cary this time of year! Seriously, though, I owe a big thanks to everyone on the JMP Genomics and JMP team who helped develop, test, document, build installers, update Web content and put it all on the Web.

Version 3.2 contains new features – covering many different areas of the product – that users asked for. You can find an overview of these new features on our New in JMP Genomics 3.2 page. For more detailed information on the new features and enhancements, please see the JMP Genomics 3.2 release notes (PDF file). Over the next few weeks, look for my blog posts on some of the most prominent new features.

Although we cannot incorporate every suggestion from every user, we do our best to include features that are highly requested in the genomics analysis market in each release. As JMP Genomics continues to mature as a product, I am particularly impressed at how our group has responded to the ease-of-use demands of the genomics market, while still adding high-end features and capabilities that appeal to statistician and analyst users. New users are often surprised at the sheer depth of functionality in JMP Genomics, and they also greatly appreciate the flexibility of the JMP platform for interactive data analysis beyond our pre-built processes.

There are certainly some features on our long list of requirements that we were not able to tackle for this release, but those will roll into the list for the next major release, JMP Genomics 4.0.

Speaking of new features, a new item under the Documentation and Help menu allows users and evaluators to submit a feature request via email. Please share your comments on existing JMP Genomics features and on new features you would like to see. By the way, you can also review features previously introduced in JMP Genomics 3.0 and 3.1.

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