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A year’s worth of key takeaways from analytics experts

analytically_speaking_graphicLast year, we gathered the highlights of almost three year’s worth of interviews with analytics experts who had appeared in the Analytically Speaking webcast series in a single video. That "best of" episode was so well-received that we decided to do it again.

After reflecting on what our accomplished guests shared this past year, we noted some important themes. We’ve curated video clips for you on these topics:

  • Collaboration and what it takes to be an effective applied analyst
  • Innovation, seeing things differently and staying in flow
  • Ongoing education for a more numerate workforce
  • Cultivating an analytical culture
  • Communicating results and including stakeholders in the analytic journey
  • You will hear some engaging stories from their many and varied experiences — from academicians to engineers to rocket scientists. The guests all touch on on the importance of curiosity, innovation, getting buy-in from skeptics to embrace analytics, the value of design of experiments and more. They are inspiring in their knowledge, wisdom and passion. We hope you will tune in to watch the premiere of this episode on Dec. 16.

    There were so many valuable insights from these experts that it was difficult to leave some on the "cutting-room floor." If you want to hear more, you can watch the full previous episodes on demand at your convenience.

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